Thursday, December 27, 2007

A list of me, for me 2007

Some years seem like off years. I remember sooo many off years, that is until I turned 30 a few years ago. I think 33 will be a superb year!

Things I've accomplished this year:
1. Learned to solder and made some frame charms for some friends
2. Increased my business/clients
3. I became a dot com
4. I have REAL business cards
5. gave birth again successfully and w/o any drugs
6. Lost weight

Things to do next year (think mondo beyondo):
1. Get another camera body, preferably better, how about top of the line?! a Nikon D3!!!!
2. 2 family trips to Disneyland/CA
3. Whittle away at the clutter in my life...really get rid of the excess to focus on the abundance
4. Get out of unnecessary debt permanently
5. Triple my business
6. Begin accessible plans for my ideal studio
7. Finish house renovation
8. Finish home studio/movie room renvoation
9. All organic or natural, locally grown summer of eating
10.Increase my food storage and other preparedness areas
11. Live a more spiritual life by tithing, prayer, temple attendance, and testimony building activities for myself and my family