Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disney Trip Giveaway!


2 fun Utah based blogs, Sweet Life in the Valley and Out and about with the Family are giving away a trip to Disneyland! Some of you may know that last spring husband and I were beginning to save up our money to make an anniversary trip to Disneyland together. We didnt have a real honeymoon and have never done anything aside from dinner and a movie for an anniversary. Unfortunately my van took a dive on a road trip. The money we had begun to save got us back to our home state. The van eventually was shipped out and underwent a full engine replacement. We're talking thousands of dollars that we are now in debt (to my dad, thank goodness and not a bank.) However, hubs and I have been trying to figure out any way for us to get to Disneyland in the next year (even after our anniversary in a month???) Wouldn't it be a dream come true if we won this?! (And we only need 2 tickets! I think I'd have to do a contest of my own to give away the other 2) Any how, it's worth the try.

Go enter yourself too at Sweet Life in the Valley

Photo by the wonderful Brianna Saban