Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jess wuz here!

crafting: making aprons

If you have been reading Cardigan Cake then you know Jess came to visit for a day! We had so much fun! We went thrifting and shopping and ate out and crafted! You can go see what we did and what I found at Cardigan Cake and see the cute pictures I got of her on my photo blog.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mr.

He runs a website devoted to showcasing fans of Disney and the Disney Parks. Oh and Disney inspired artists too! He's such a natural. You can watch this and drool over his studly nature, but you should know the only thing he knows how to cook is mac and cheese and he only does his own laundry ;) You can find all of his videos here

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm not allowed to complain... and neither are you

I try to avoid any blog stalking that remotely looks like REAL STALKING, but with nie nie I just cant help it. I confess I did send her an email telling her how wonderful I think she is. She changed my life (unbeknownst to her) long before her accident. And yes, I have written about it before, but I dont want to send her another stalker email ;) telling her how much I ( a stranger) adore her. Back then I read her blog and saw a valiant woman/mother/wife who was creating beauty in her life (and I didnt fool myself for one minute believing her entire life was full rosebuds and dainty paper cutting)What I did see was a strong faithful woman who could have a bad day and still look up to see the silver lining. What I saw was a wonderful example or what direction I should be taking with my life, my blogging, my family and my testimony of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine that I could ever be the amazing woman she is... I'm so rough around the edges and take a bit of pride in that, but I try to refine my soft side anyways.

Lovely post here

Friday, February 20, 2009

An Avocado Baby

avocado baby

Even with our warmish winters, we can't grow avocados in New Mexico. Do you know where they do grow? Well, I mean where they grow well enough to bear fruit? That's right, California (thinking of renaming my blog "I wish I was in California") Did you know that "In the past, the avocado had a well-entrenched reputation for inducing sexual prowess and wasn't purchased or consumed by any person wishing to protect their image from slanderous assault(?) Growers had to sponsor a public relations campaign to dispel the ill-founded reputation before avocados became popular."(

Well they dont make me feel like a sexy cougar (cub) but I sure love them. I found one that was most delish today and cut it up for my tortilla soup. I cleaned off the beautiful seed and put it in this carafe I found especially for it. I had it on my "thrift list" to find a skinny necked carafe to accommodate a young avocado sapling. Wasn't sure I'd find one and was so happy I did.

When I was in kindergarten, with my mom's help, I grew avocados seeds for my science fair project. We lived in ALASKA at the time. I like to think my mom, only 3 years gone from her sunny California home, maybe craved a bit of the warm beaches and fresh green fruit and thats why she decided on avocados for my project. I like to imagine that I'll go there to live again some day. Find a reasonable home in a convenient to anywhere location, a smallish yard, big enough for one lemon tree, a small garden and my avocado baby.

In other thrifted news... I found this hand embroidered AND hand quilted(!!!) toddler size quilt. For a family in LOVE with Disney (and a hubs with a soft spot for pooh because his momma loved it so much)I was really hoping it was in my budget. I think $3 is a reasonable price!!!!! Can you believe it? spotless, flawless, and hand made and so cheap?! Especially when some crappy finds are going for big bucks!!! All better for me ;)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making a Quilt

making a quilt

I spent most of the day at my sisters. She's a talented quilter and I really needed help with a design for a quilt.

We ate hummus and pitas, listened to our girls play, talked about drama going on, kept myself from the housework I needed to do today ;)

Tonight I am going to watch a movie and do some therapeutic seam pressing so I can finish up the quilt.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day


Hey there friends and family!

We had a busy Valentines Day. Nothing "lovey dovey" but I spent the morning doing what I love. Chris stayed home with the kids and worked on his new "vlog. I came home just in time to get everyone ready to go with me to meet a client. There were no roses in my day (per my request) but we did grab some yummy Chinese food at The Rose Garden. Late lunch, heart shaped french meringues and one short nap later everyone watched a movie, subs for dinner and a naked cherub baby running around the house... had to pull out the wings to make this picture. Now it's 10 and everyone but this cherubic hellion and I are in bed. Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Should Say...

I think Kentucky is beautiful! I had been through there a couple of times while living in the midwest and Virginia. I never think of KY citizens as being backwoods toothless types, but I suppose our friendly gentleman Native American might have. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

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psuedo vacation update

Today while we were in line at the store. Miss B was staring at the native American man in line behind us. He had his long hair pulled back and wrapped at the base of his head. She looked at me side ways and asked "Is that a man or a woman?"

I totally understand why she asked... he looked like a man but had long hair...she asks that about girls with short hair, men with mullets, women with mohawks. It is VERY normal for preschoolers to be confused. SO I explain to her that he is a man. That he is Native American and thats why he has long hair. I give her like a one sentence explanation about ancestry and leave it at that. She is still staring and he smiles, but I tell her to stop staring because staring isn't nice... still staring and giggling now too.

I say to her "would you like it if he was staring at you and asked 'Is that a little girl or a redheaded elf?" She laughs and says 'no."

Then that nice looking, smiling, long haired man behind me says "She looks like she is from Kentucky"

uh what?!!?

Images from 'Deliverance' run through my head.I hear dueling banjos. Poor Ned Beatty! My paler than pale, freckled face, red stringy haired, skinny, self dressed ragamuffin girl looks up at me with a big goofy, toothy smile. And for a second I think "yeah maybe he is right."