Friday, February 6, 2009

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psuedo vacation update

Today while we were in line at the store. Miss B was staring at the native American man in line behind us. He had his long hair pulled back and wrapped at the base of his head. She looked at me side ways and asked "Is that a man or a woman?"

I totally understand why she asked... he looked like a man but had long hair...she asks that about girls with short hair, men with mullets, women with mohawks. It is VERY normal for preschoolers to be confused. SO I explain to her that he is a man. That he is Native American and thats why he has long hair. I give her like a one sentence explanation about ancestry and leave it at that. She is still staring and he smiles, but I tell her to stop staring because staring isn't nice... still staring and giggling now too.

I say to her "would you like it if he was staring at you and asked 'Is that a little girl or a redheaded elf?" She laughs and says 'no."

Then that nice looking, smiling, long haired man behind me says "She looks like she is from Kentucky"

uh what?!!?

Images from 'Deliverance' run through my head.I hear dueling banjos. Poor Ned Beatty! My paler than pale, freckled face, red stringy haired, skinny, self dressed ragamuffin girl looks up at me with a big goofy, toothy smile. And for a second I think "yeah maybe he is right."

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Viki said...

And what is so wrong with Kentucky?

Aside from Ice Storm 09 which was really really bad, We have the Derby and it's 2 week long festival, great horses, blue grass(looks green to me, lots of great museums, lots of great bourbon,good food too.

I can remember being 8 and on vacation out west, when the person behind the counter at a store asked my brother and I where we were from and we said KY, he looked over the counter to see if we were barefoot.
When we make the national news they make sure to show someone with a billed cap and no teeth too.

For the record I think your little one is adorable.