Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm not allowed to complain... and neither are you

I try to avoid any blog stalking that remotely looks like REAL STALKING, but with nie nie I just cant help it. I confess I did send her an email telling her how wonderful I think she is. She changed my life (unbeknownst to her) long before her accident. And yes, I have written about it before, but I dont want to send her another stalker email ;) telling her how much I ( a stranger) adore her. Back then I read her blog and saw a valiant woman/mother/wife who was creating beauty in her life (and I didnt fool myself for one minute believing her entire life was full rosebuds and dainty paper cutting)What I did see was a strong faithful woman who could have a bad day and still look up to see the silver lining. What I saw was a wonderful example or what direction I should be taking with my life, my blogging, my family and my testimony of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine that I could ever be the amazing woman she is... I'm so rough around the edges and take a bit of pride in that, but I try to refine my soft side anyways.

Lovely post here

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