Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The NAME MY BABY contest!!!

a little lomo

That's right! The mister and I want you to name our baby! We are stumped...not only do we not know the whether we are having a boy or a girl, we really are not sure what we will name the baby! We have aback up emergency name if it's a girl, but what if it comes out a BOY!??? What then, I really do believe I will leave the hospital with a nameless baby!!!

Here's the details:
+All of our kiddos have names that have something to do with dance. C-bug's even has a music implication. So this baby needs that too.
+All of the kiddos names are VERY unique and foreign...we've heard of one other person with C-bugs exact name, T-man's is genius! I love it!, and B's is a play on a word...this baby does not have to have a foreign name, but it must be unique! The chances of ever meeting another person with the same name should be highly unlikely.
+You may enter as often as you like!!! BUT only one boy and one girl name a day...don't want one eager person listing hundreds of dance names in one posting ;)
+The mister and I will choose our favorite boy and girl names and wait for the big day.
+In the end we may not use our favorite name, BUT will still award the prize to the name suggestor. If the baby is a boy then the boy name wins and vice versa, obviously.

+The prize is being put together. I have some things I've made, some things I've bought. and really want to beef it up before I show you...but I'm just anxious to call this baby something other than "it"

Remember to come back here and post your great ideas...oh! and don't forget to tell us what the name means, or any other coolio details!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


1936 Basic Readers primer

I am obviously out...of sorts, patience, energy, something...:) I'll poke around when I feel better...lets hope it's before this baby comes out in a couple of months ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Psuedo vacation update

psuedo vacation update

Hubs was asked to stick around the whole weekend for some extra training! So we'll be extending our stay ;) I'll still pop back home to take care of our dogs and all that, but so far we've been enjoying our little break. We finally tried the cajun place Raesha has been telling me about...mmmm good. We played in the pool, B slipped in and took a "swim" before I ran over and rescued her...and she still isn't afraid!!! We watched t.v. real late and I slept in a whole hour and 15 minutes!!! LOL! Why do they always wake up at the same time???

So tonight we'll head back over for a free dinner and movie thanks to the boss man, sleep in a king sized bed, eat a yummy buffet breakfast (all for free...do I sound like I am bragging?) I'm just so happy this little wish for a mini vacation became a reality...next wish: $1,000,000!!! Talk to you all soon! Hope you find a mini break in your weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Psuedo vacation


I was trying to come up with some way to get out of town. Hubs called and said he was going to stay in town over night because he'll be working really late and starting real early the next morning (big group in town he's taking care of.)

He invited us along to stay in his hotel room and use the pool and watch movies :) Then tomorrow I'll let C-bug skip school, we'll sleep in until 8 (LOL!) go to a park, maybe the zoo??? have a picnic, do a shoot at the hotel's courtyard...etc. etc.

I can't remember where I had read about psuedo vacations...maybe the super hero journal??? but basically, lets say you want to go to Paris...Unfortunately France is out of the question thanks to your budget...so what you do is plan a psuedo vacation...something to hold you over until you can take the big trip...your psuedo french vacation might be to eat breakfast at a french pastry place, visit the local art museum, watch a french flick, buy a baguette and some ooh la la cheese for lunch, etc.

We take psuedo trips to Disneyland all the time... Disney movies, clam chowder in bread bowls, mint juleps...unfortunately it does only keep us hanging, but it does help a wee bit.

Where do you want to go on vacation???

Downside: Tomorrow afternoon I have to get my rhogam shot in the butt though...not looking forward to that ;)

Notes to Myself 7/12

Notes to Myself 7/12

Top 5 Reasons I must leave town:
1. Different shades of brown just aren't doing it for me...I need color!
2. People are looking for me! ha! I like how "cloak and dagger" that sounds, but really it's exhausting.
3. I need some fun-my whole family does.
4. 5 + 1 = 6
5. Because "a change in your environment can spark a change in your perspective, creating a change in your life." - me

Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm so bad...


I am almost always late with sending things in the mail (or picking them up from my conveniently located mailbox across the street...it's a bit of a phobia...anyone know if there's a name for it???)

Swap lateness usually goes like this though: excitement> brainstorming> ideas> doubt> delays and interruptions> more doubt> better idea> more interruptions> finished> reasons I can't get to the Post Office> deadline date> one or two days + an apologetic email to very nice hostesses> in the mail...so dawn...let's just say it's in the mail ;)