Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The NAME MY BABY contest!!!

a little lomo

That's right! The mister and I want you to name our baby! We are stumped...not only do we not know the whether we are having a boy or a girl, we really are not sure what we will name the baby! We have aback up emergency name if it's a girl, but what if it comes out a BOY!??? What then, I really do believe I will leave the hospital with a nameless baby!!!

Here's the details:
+All of our kiddos have names that have something to do with dance. C-bug's even has a music implication. So this baby needs that too.
+All of the kiddos names are VERY unique and foreign...we've heard of one other person with C-bugs exact name, T-man's is genius! I love it!, and B's is a play on a word...this baby does not have to have a foreign name, but it must be unique! The chances of ever meeting another person with the same name should be highly unlikely.
+You may enter as often as you like!!! BUT only one boy and one girl name a day...don't want one eager person listing hundreds of dance names in one posting ;)
+The mister and I will choose our favorite boy and girl names and wait for the big day.
+In the end we may not use our favorite name, BUT will still award the prize to the name suggestor. If the baby is a boy then the boy name wins and vice versa, obviously.

+The prize is being put together. I have some things I've made, some things I've bought. and really want to beef it up before I show you...but I'm just anxious to call this baby something other than "it"

Remember to come back here and post your great ideas...oh! and don't forget to tell us what the name means, or any other coolio details!


lookwhaticando said...

Boy name....
chasse - A sliding step in which one foot "chases" and displaces the other.
Girl name...
Ibo - The Ibo rhythm belongs to the faster Haitian Merengue group of dancers. It is colorful, native in style and can be classified as Caribbean dancing. A pronounced movement of hips and turning of the head is typical.
so...this will be your 4th kid??? I am confused.

Elizabeth said...

Girl name: Kaydence - musical
Boy name: Concord - harmony

theresa said...

Girl-- Rumba or Chacha

Boy-- Code (pronounced co-da; italian)

Now I wanna know the real names of all your kids!

Anonymous said...

Boys name: Hunter
Girls name: Harmony

Amy said...

Okay, still hunting for a boy's name, but for a girl's name how 'bout Aija? Pronounced "asia," is Latvian in origin and means melody. Foreign, a little funky (though very cool if you ask me ;)) and ties in nicely with the music/dance theme going on with your brood :). Plus I LOVE that it has two dotted letters there in the middle!

Okay, off to find a boys name...

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Blogger should let you edit your comments...sheesh.

I am having a tough time coming up with a good boy's name that references music or dance...but, I did come across Koen and think it sounds really great with your last name (Aija sounds great with it too). Its origins are Gaelic (meaning a descendant of Cadhan) and Hebrew (meaning priest).

So to sum up:

If a wee baby girl is on the way: Aija.
And if a little boy pops out instead: Koen.

deb said...

What a great contest! I have no ideas yet but I'll think about it. It's fun reading everyone's posts! So exciting that it's getting closer.

Regina said...

I'm totally stumped!! I could barely come up with names for my own kiddos! We were actually lucky to have two boys because we never ever came up with any girl names we liked. The names suggested so far are very interesting. So much fun to make it a challenge for others too. If I ever think of anything I'll pipe in too.

michelle said...

Girl name: Calypso
Boy name: Volte http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavolta

Raesha D said...

Oh my GOSH! I am so in love with the names Amy suggested.

Christy said...

Okay, I have to join in!

Boy name: Odissi (a traditional dance style of Eastern India)

Girl name: Pavana (European Renaissance dance)

jess said...

You should do something like Heather and Joe, just to make it very different from the other 3.....Just kidding! I'm going to ponder on this one for a couple of days and get back to you.

maria said...

I once met a girl called Dansa, but I don't know really how that sounds in English. It's Swedish and means "to dance". I like it :-)

I'll think of a boy name too.

michelle said...

Eisa for a girl

Arkan for a boy (russian dance)

That Blue Girl said...

Boy name: Apollo (Greek God of music)

Girl name: Lark (means songbird in Old English)

Amy said...

Well, shoot... Michelle already said my favorite girl's name that I found... Eisa. Okay, how about these?

Girl... Marinella
(Apparently a quite famous Greek singer, and there's a Marinella dance also.
http://marinella.awardspace.us/index.htm )

Boy... Tanzen
(German for "dance")

Amy said...

Okay, another boy's name... Tourdion (or Tordion)
It's a dance popular in the 1500's

Jus said...


I will no doubt have to enter daily ;)
I dont know you r last name BUT I iwll put possible middle names in as well because I love middle names. Just idea tht dont need to be considered as a whole.

Girl idea 8.12.07
Viola Iris -
the name of shakespeares heroine in Twelth night, an intrument in the violin family as well as Swedish for a purple flower. I have paired it with Irish because of our families tradition of a botanical name in each childs name for a "baby garden" at our house and because it is also a name of a purple flower and makes an interesting play on words

Boy choice 8.12.7

Zimra Oliver

Zimra is Hebrew for Song Oliver is a botanical name with its roots in the same area of the world PLUS olives and olive oil make the world go round ;)

See you tomorrow with two more! YAY I LOVE LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

How about May?

That Blue Girl said...

For a boy: Mikhail (because I LOVED Baryshnikov's character on Sex & the City)

For a girl: Clara (lead character from the Nutcracker)

Wynona said...

Girl - Tirzah
Boy - Leo

Wynona said...

Ha, I'm a dork and wasn't reading all of the way through. Strike those last two because they have absolutely nothing to do with dance.

Laume said...

You don't know me, I stumbled in looking for Halloween posts - love your pumpkin candlesticks by the way. But who can resist. Here's the two names that came to me first -

Calliope for a girl.
Bodhran for a boy.

What a lovely theme for your children's names.

sallad.net said...

Girl - Capoeira - Brazilian fighting dance

Boy - Tempo - more music than dance

~love said...

okay--i'm obsessed with names..so love this contest that i stumbled upon. how fun! (and how much i want to know your children's names!!) =)

my first entries are

girl: cisum (music backward)
boy: ecnad (dance backward)

Rochelle said...

Fun contest!

Boy: Timbre Ladd
Girl: Irina Song

Anonymous said...

Aija is not pronounced "asia."

The correct latvian pronunciation is "eye-yuh."

Sorry, I have too many Latvian friends whose names get butchered because nobody can pronounce Aija correctly.

aija said...

actually, aija originates in the arabic-area, meaning falcon in hebrew. as it is my own name i have researched it quite a bit, and have found out that the name has later on gotten the meaning of melody in the baltic area (the name is also rather popular in Finland).

Aija said...

I love the name Aija because it's my name! I pronounce it Ah-shaa. It would be a great name for a little girl. The last time I looked up my name it has been from many different countries and cultures.
African, Asian, European, Indian, I mean it's a little bit of every thing.
Another great girl name would be Aria which is a good name for music loving people.

Anonymous said...

I too love the name Aija ... only pronounce EYE-uh :)