Wednesday, August 1, 2007

getting a little bit crafty

bleach faded fabric

I'm redecorating my front room table, I do it monthly or seasonally, and was looking for some nice pale blue and green striped fabric to make some matching pillows. All I could find was a BRIGHT and DARK striped cotton/spandex blend. At only $2 yard, it was hardly a gamble to buy half a yard and try to bleach fade it. It worked WONDERFULLY and I'm making the pillows today.

But it also got me to thinking about some of my other fabric. Maybe like me you have a stack of fabrics that just turn you off creatively. You wonder why you bought them to begin with. They're too bright, they're too busy, they're just all wrong. I threw all of these into a sink of bleach water and within half an hour oh so, they had faded to wonderful soft shades! Not sure what I'll do with them now, but they are nicer to look at ;)

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Anonymous said...

These fabrics are looking nice now! I'm sure you'll find somthing to do with them. I actually really like them! ^_^ I never would have thought about bleaching them... great idea! ^_^ I too have a ton of fabrics that were on sale and at the time I thought BONUS, DEAL, WOO HOO! But now I just stare at them. haha! Maybe i'll have to try this technique! ^_^


Raesha D said...

Have I told you lately that you ROCK!!!

kami said...

I'm loving the blue and yellow print. :)

Jus said...

oooh they all remind me of lemonade and pink lemonade with fruit tartletts on a perfect summer day. yum. little umbrellas in the bevvies and antique linen napkins under the tartletts of course ;)

Regina said...

What an awesom idea. Now if only I could get my craft room organized and fabrics unpacked, I know I have some I can do this too.