Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little spiral

Albuquerque Photographer
My life feels a little bit out of control right now... ok maybe more than a little. And the only thing I can think to do about it is to start blogging again! Am I crazy too!? ;) But what I'm kind of thinking is that maybe if I can sit down and write every once in a while I can learn to focus again on the things that are important to me. Most days I am obsessing about my business or lack of business and I start to develop anxiety about it. It's important for me to be able to make a living off of what I do, but more importantly it is vital that I make art. And that, along with nurturing my family need to be the first things I think about and maybe the money will follow.

Just need time to center myself.

I want to:
-Host a party very very soon
-make some clothes... I've seen some very creative pieces that I'd like to add to my wardrobe
-make jewelry... instant therapy if I have a vision in mind
-Do one of my special conceptual photo shoots
-make sock dolls for my kids
-find the sewing machine and fabric scissors LOL it's been a long time

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deer Me

My sewing machine is broken, we've been sick, life is busy, I need a break... all very valid and true excuses as to why I haven't been here lately. But I borrowed a machine from my sister and am debating about whether I should bring my cheap-o machine in for a repair or if money would be better spent on a new machine. hmm I dont know. In the mean time though, I found this HIDEOUS deer at the thrift store this week:

craft blog

Add a little glossy Krylon spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze and you get this:

craft blog

I like her sooo much better in blue! (and I think I might be addicted to spray paint... in the good way LOL! I am making a mental list of other figurines I'd like to find and spray paint; chicks for easter, owls, whales, what else?

In other news, I got pinned!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

oh wednesday...


Made this necklace from a new acorn, old beaded belt, vintage gold watch from a yard sale. I *heart* it so much!

Listening to Beirut radio on pandora, eating peppermint butter cream filled peppermint bits from sunflower, toes are freezing (where ARE my slippers?!) house is trashed, tomorrow isn't wednesday though :)