Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a Material Girl

I don't have a good pic of this, but my new haircut goes with the theme???

MMMM A top 10 wish list of all things wonderful I want this year. I'm not really material, these are things for my biz, to help my life be a bit more organized, and a few fancy trinkets and clothing items that will help improve my personal presentation (lol)

1.Nikon D3 $5000
2.HP Touchsmart computer for my homeoffice $1500
3. Smallthings apple ring $45
4. shootsac $179
5. Photocart $279
6. Calistoga Keens $85
7.a vespa ($3600 for this one)How cool and evironmentally friendly would I be going to sessions on this?!
8.Globe necklace $30
9. Another awesome bracelet from Amy with either "Imagine" or "Suddenly I See" on it! Love Amy! She's super talented and friendly! $50
10. That cool green polk a dot top from target...too lazy to find it online ;)

P.S. I do have some crafting posts coming up...don't abandon me yet!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

In the books

As you know I haven't had much time for crafting lately. I miss it a bit. Even with my love of photography, scrapping has gone out the window. However, I did put together a 12x12 file for the baby's baby book. Digital scrapping is sooo the way to go...for me anyways. The space it saves alone is a life saver!

And Raesha told me of a couple of cool things in the world of moki. Remember when I has the tutorial blog (lost the password and the email ;( ) Apparently Craft posted a link to it. How fun!

And Raesha also picked up Plush You in which I am published! I think this is the first time???

Friday, January 4, 2008

8 things minus 3

I haven't been tagged in ages! (thanks Raesha)But I have to make it 5 things...once I get to 5 my mind goes blank

5 Passions in my life:
the perfect sugar cookie
going to Disneyland
my family
making lists of my goals and dreams and making them happen

5 Things to do before I die:
Do this thing in Australia(I can't remember what it's called. It's like body boarding on the rapids...I saw it on the Amazing Race I think)
Go to Disney World (yup a passion)
go to Hawaii
support my hubs in his dream to make a movie
raise my children to their old age ;)

5 things I often say:
"or no?" funny story... we noticed B would ask questions like this: "Can I have a cookie or no?" we thought it was so funny but soon realized that she had got it from me. you know how kids are right? you as them a question and only get an answer half the time. "Or no?" helps me keep my sanity by filling in that extra unwanted silence after I ask a question.
Shut up
I love you
Where's the phone?
Ow-ouuuu It's the noise the baby makes when she wakes up, it's fun to say it back to her...but when I do it, it sounds like a cat in heat!

5 books I’ve read recently:
recently? no
Carpe Demon
Tom Sawyer to my kids
For One More Day

5 Songs that mean something to me:
Suddenly I See KT Tunstall
Far Away Ingrid Michaelson
Keep Breathing Ingrid Michaelson
Evolve Ani Di Franco
Imagine John Lennon

5 Qualities I look for in a friend:
a tolerant heart... I'm a pill
a listening ear
kind intentions
an artsy soul
a coversational demeanor