Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a Material Girl

I don't have a good pic of this, but my new haircut goes with the theme???

MMMM A top 10 wish list of all things wonderful I want this year. I'm not really material, these are things for my biz, to help my life be a bit more organized, and a few fancy trinkets and clothing items that will help improve my personal presentation (lol)

1.Nikon D3 $5000
2.HP Touchsmart computer for my homeoffice $1500
3. Smallthings apple ring $45
4. shootsac $179
5. Photocart $279
6. Calistoga Keens $85
7.a vespa ($3600 for this one)How cool and evironmentally friendly would I be going to sessions on this?!
8.Globe necklace $30
9. Another awesome bracelet from Amy with either "Imagine" or "Suddenly I See" on it! Love Amy! She's super talented and friendly! $50
10. That cool green polk a dot top from target...too lazy to find it online ;)

P.S. I do have some crafting posts coming up...don't abandon me yet!


Jessica said...

Cute haircut!

Regina said...

Great hair, good stuff! A Vespa is on my dream list too! How great would that be!!!

jess said...

I thinkk something really cool to get would be a necklace with a stamped silver piece on it that is custom made by a dear friend because you won one of her contests

Raesha D said...

When I hit the big time, I will buy you all these things and more:):) and I love your new haircut! The bangs are awesome.

Monkey Pants said...

Where, oh where have you gone Moki? I miss you terribly...nothing to post?