Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

just for fun

Have a spooky night!

Boden, How I love thee

In my internet and flickr browsing tonight I came across posts about Boden a few times. I'd heard about them in the past but never took a look, until tonight...over a big mug of cocoa and had I gone so long without Boden??? and the style is right up my alley (a bit Gamine here and there)I coveted the entire catalog and felt sorry for my pocketbook state ;) But I'm a thrifty/handy/innovative girl... sorry Boden, I can't shop from you, but I can find some affordable alternatives. I am super excited about replicating these two:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't help it

I started reading a new to me blog (Rockstar Diaries) and she posted this today and it was so beautiful I didn't want to forget about it.

Because I have already emailed everyone I know

And it's so funny (to me ;)

The Paper

Most of the paper in my December Album comes from Cosmo Cricket who is actually putting out a fabric line as well!!! (If you've ever seen their paper you know how awesome this will be!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mommy, Why are they putting up Christmas stuff up already?

I wish you could hear how this question is asked (every time we are at a craft store)Maybe you have little of your own asking this questions. Miss B asks it with a tone of "those silly gooses, dont they know it's HallowING?" And T-bone asks it like "What's wrong with the world today?!"

My answer is something like "They need to get ready early so they can get everything done by Christmas."

Well I have officially joined "they" when I drove all over town looking for some neat-o paper and spent the afternoon cutting taping, and stapling, I am almost done assembling my Ali Edward's December daily album!!! Here's a little sneaky peek:

refurbished cover
refurbished vintage book cover spattered with gold paint and embellished with vintage santa image


And a little freebie if you want it. I made a sheet of my own number tags. I didn't use all of them for my album and there is no "25." Click on the images to go to the larger jpg to download, However, they are not for commercial use:



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Because We Rock Halloween

The Man

Isn't my hubs hot?! Ok, dont answer that ;) Knowing how to paint makes it so easy to do cool make-up at Halloween! I'm thinking about buying a bunch of make up after halloween (on clearance) just so I can play around whenever I feel like it.

C went as the Corpse Bride to our Trunk or Treat. I really wish I would have gotten a pic of the hole in the side of her cheek! It was creepy!

Corpse Bride

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pondering the good

my cocoa

Today big trucks and chainsaws rolled into my neighborhood and stopped right in front of my hose. Starting at about 8 am, they started hacking away at 3 huge, beautiful, cottonwood trees at the park right across the street. It seems that during our last windstorm, a tree in one of our neighborhood's other parks had been slightly uprooted and was leaning against a house, so the HOA decided that the best thing (for them to avoid a future lawsuit!!!) would be to hack down these lovely shady trees taller than my two story house and well out of the way of landing on anybody's house but still capable of pulling up the oh-so-valuable sprinkler system. We (my neighbors, all the neighbor kids, and I) were appalled, but what can you do?

A couple of days ago I had gotten myself into a rather dreadful happens...I beat myself up all day, made a mental list of everything wrong, imagined a dozen horrible endings to my story and moped about in general. After a day of that crud, I remembered a recent chat with a friend in which I was jokingly chided about the law of attraction. We're both big believers in the Law of Attraction and probably would not be in each others lives if not for that "law." So I listened carefully to this remembrance and the next day made sure to enjoy my day and find things that brought me happiness instead of focusing on the negative. Those things were:
1. Bittersweet chocolate chips
2. Hot cocoa with tiramasu creamer and marshmallows
3. An afternoon of Gilmore Girls season 1
4. drawing up paper cutting patterns
5. the cute chocolatey face of miss e (having nibbled a couple of bittersweet chips herself)
6. Looking for inspiring videos to post here

Oh and Carin posted this awesome quote on her blog:

"We are in a period of stress across the world. There are occasionally hard days for each of us. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds. Opportunities will eventually open to you. Do not let the prophets of gloom endanger your possibilities."
-Gordon B. Hinkley

So after the tree murderers had done their deed, we borrowed their wheel barrow and hauled over 4 loads of mulch and 2 tree stumps for the yard... They better plant new trees soon!

Miss E today:
turkey butt

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Dancing (posting) Fiend

Another good one to dance to

Another Freebie Pattern


I'm having fun drawing... it's been awhile

I'm dancing to this in the morning

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Halloween Paper Cutting Pattern

free witch pattern

So I had originally started this blog so that I could share with other people. Making a living is all fine and dandy (and oh so important) but somethings you just want to share and not get in on that commercial band wagon.

Jessica has been hunting for cute paper cutting patterns, which got me to thinking about making some of my own. I know they're nothing like the traditional types that can be found, but whatev! So, you can use them (I think if you click on the pics you will be brought to their flickr page and can select to see other sizes and just copy them from there???) You could also print them out for little kiddos to color, make stencils, print directly onto paper for cards, whatever you dream up (show me what you do! ;)Just don't use them for any commercial reasons. thanks

I just want to add that I am chilled to the bones tonight! We're having a low of 27 degrees out of nowhere! (It's been near 80 all week!) It's making me feel on edge and restless!

free witch pattern

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Posting up a storm today

Gamine Style

(Firstly, lets just say, I do have other things I should be doing, but since I feel inspired to post and it's keepin' me happily distracted, I'll keep posting anytime I feel like it.)

So I've been in search of my style as of late. I've always loved fashion and "style" and changed quite a bit...(here's where I'd post pics of myself to prove to you the ups and downs of moki-style, but that's too much work... and embarrassment)

Then I was in Barnes and Noble last week hunting for an elusive book. I caught the cover of a handy little book titled, "The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style." I flipped through each of it's luscious pages of clothing. Bohemian ruffled tops and whispy skirts, rockin' jeans and bangles, classic tailored jackets and vintage heels. I loved so much of it. But I felt a little bummed that my taste was all over the board...I dunno, I kind of wanted a name for what I do...something specific, not "monique will like it, she like's anything" (so to speak.)And then! Near the end of the book! I came across a new to me word "Gamine!" Have you ever heard of that word? How cute is it?! Gamine describes the tomboyish yet playful and even sexy look of gals such as Audrey Hepburn, Maggie Gylenhall, Mia Farrow, and Gwenyth Paltrow. To describe it visually, throw on some straight legged trousers, a button up blouse, and some cute, bold, and unique, slightly vintagey cardigan. It's 75% tomboy 25% girl. And though I am about 50lbs (or so) from resembling any of those waifish elfin creatures that fill the gamine category, I know my wardrobe is not far behind.

Must look for: "The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece "

A Pick Me Up

I need a pick me up. How about you? Watch one (or 2 or 3)

And if that doesn't work, go read this

p.s. I am not a Romney supporter...just fyi...just had to tell you

My HUGE New Banner (and look)


Dear Neglected Blog,

I do miss you. Really I do. But you see, work, and family, and well, life, that's all gotten kind of busy. It's left very little time for crafting and blogging, and well, housekeeping. But I will consider you. Look I even redecorated you! That's got to count for something? Right? It's getting colder outside, so I might be able to post some things about baking and recipes... and the Holidays! so there will be some sort of crafting going on. I can't really promise anything, I'm not good with that sort of thing with you. But I'll work on it.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Studio

down sizing in progress

Yesterday Jess said "I can't believe you gave up crafting for photography." I think it was in jest ;) and the truth is I haven't exactly given it up. I'm just downsizing. I went from having a studio to myself piled with craft crap (REALLY, piled! Just ask Raesha) to sharing the studio space with hubs and sometimes kids and my photo business. Now with 4 kids and a pretty successful business, I dont have the time to craft like I once did. I do miss it and do plan on going back to it when ever time does permit, so I've allotted myself the red shelf...that's it! One red shelf...that is already overflowing and there is a huge pile in the living room to go through still! Wish me luck (and sanity)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween around the house

halloween decor

There is a countdown all September at our house. Kids just waiting for the first of October so we can decorate for Halloween. Really it is the start of the whole whopper of decorating holidays. After the Halloween stuff comes down, we'll adorn table tops and doorways with autumn leaves and pumpkins, then the dya after Thanksgiving the Christmas tree comes out, a small collection of Santas and an ever growing nativity set.

But until then, there are costumes to throw together, candy to be bought, schemes to be made.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Warmed Heart

Miss B

What a wonderful Sunday! It started raining yesterday around dinner (the adults of my family had gone out to celebrate my sister Alissa's bday) and it rained almost continually throughout the night. I do remember waking up once and it mot raining, but it was shortly after that I awoke again to rain drizzling over the roof. I pulled the covers in closer and snuggled down next to the baby.

Leaves on the cottonwoods are beginning to change to their golden yellow, hot air balloons will be filling the morning skies for the next couple of weeks, pumpkins will be bought, costumes constructed, blankets pulled out for warmer bed.

Need a pick me up? Here is something that warmed my heart.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Want Some Candy?

Want's some "candy?"

We just HAD to make a Halloween Lolliprop! My kiddos are way into these (they want one in Kansas City Chief's colors and are even making up their own color combos that really dont follow any logic except theirs.)Need the details on geting your own fake Lolliprop?

These polymer clay Lolli-"PROPS" are now available in any two basic color combination, measure approximately 4 1/2 inches across,and have a 12 inch white stick for only $10 (shipping in the U.S. included!)

Click on the lolli-prop below to purchase yours (enter passcode "prop" and enter the two colors you want in the comment section when checking out)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Ever need a lollipop for a special session but can't find one? Maybe you like the look, but not the mess? Perhaps you need something special like school colors or another rare combination?

When a client asked for a holiday lollipop for their session I was a bit stumped on where to find one so soon before the holidays. SO I did the next best thing (and probably really THE BEST THING!) and made a FAKE one.

These polymer clay Lolli-"PROPS" are now available in any two basic color combination, measure approximately 4 1/2 inches across,and have a 12 inch white stick for only $10 (shipping in the U.S. included!)

Click on the lolli-prop below to purchase yours (enter passcode "prop" and enter the two colors you want in the comment section when checking out)