Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My HUGE New Banner (and look)


Dear Neglected Blog,

I do miss you. Really I do. But you see, work, and family, and well, life, that's all gotten kind of busy. It's left very little time for crafting and blogging, and well, housekeeping. But I will consider you. Look I even redecorated you! That's got to count for something? Right? It's getting colder outside, so I might be able to post some things about baking and recipes... and the Holidays! so there will be some sort of crafting going on. I can't really promise anything, I'm not good with that sort of thing with you. But I'll work on it.



carin davis said...

LOVE the new makeover...and this tricycle picture!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!

Regina said...

your "house" looks lovely!!

Amy said...

fresh looks all over the place today! love them both :).