Thursday, October 2, 2008

Want Some Candy?

Want's some "candy?"

We just HAD to make a Halloween Lolliprop! My kiddos are way into these (they want one in Kansas City Chief's colors and are even making up their own color combos that really dont follow any logic except theirs.)Need the details on geting your own fake Lolliprop?

These polymer clay Lolli-"PROPS" are now available in any two basic color combination, measure approximately 4 1/2 inches across,and have a 12 inch white stick for only $10 (shipping in the U.S. included!)

Click on the lolli-prop below to purchase yours (enter passcode "prop" and enter the two colors you want in the comment section when checking out)


1 comment:

dawn said...

these are so wonderful. as are your photographs. if only you lived a little closer we would totally have family photos taken!