Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mommy, Why are they putting up Christmas stuff up already?

I wish you could hear how this question is asked (every time we are at a craft store)Maybe you have little of your own asking this questions. Miss B asks it with a tone of "those silly gooses, dont they know it's HallowING?" And T-bone asks it like "What's wrong with the world today?!"

My answer is something like "They need to get ready early so they can get everything done by Christmas."

Well I have officially joined "they" when I drove all over town looking for some neat-o paper and spent the afternoon cutting taping, and stapling, I am almost done assembling my Ali Edward's December daily album!!! Here's a little sneaky peek:

refurbished cover
refurbished vintage book cover spattered with gold paint and embellished with vintage santa image


And a little freebie if you want it. I made a sheet of my own number tags. I didn't use all of them for my album and there is no "25." Click on the images to go to the larger jpg to download, However, they are not for commercial use:




jess said...

This is probably a dumb ?, but how do you turn an old book into a binder? This turne dout great!!

Jessica said...

You are my hero!! I absolutely LOVE the Christmas numbers. I will pay you to make numbers 25-31!! (Seriously.) Please!?

Fonda said...

Love your book for December Daily. I'm going to play along too and have papers picked out but not assembled yet. Thanks for the numbers, they are great!!!