Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Warmed Heart

Miss B

What a wonderful Sunday! It started raining yesterday around dinner (the adults of my family had gone out to celebrate my sister Alissa's bday) and it rained almost continually throughout the night. I do remember waking up once and it mot raining, but it was shortly after that I awoke again to rain drizzling over the roof. I pulled the covers in closer and snuggled down next to the baby.

Leaves on the cottonwoods are beginning to change to their golden yellow, hot air balloons will be filling the morning skies for the next couple of weeks, pumpkins will be bought, costumes constructed, blankets pulled out for warmer bed.

Need a pick me up? Here is something that warmed my heart.


Raesha D said...

What a great talk. It warmed my heart too:)

Amy said...

What a lovely photo.