Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Halloween Paper Cutting Pattern

free witch pattern

So I had originally started this blog so that I could share with other people. Making a living is all fine and dandy (and oh so important) but somethings you just want to share and not get in on that commercial band wagon.

Jessica has been hunting for cute paper cutting patterns, which got me to thinking about making some of my own. I know they're nothing like the traditional types that can be found, but whatev! So, you can use them (I think if you click on the pics you will be brought to their flickr page and can select to see other sizes and just copy them from there???) You could also print them out for little kiddos to color, make stencils, print directly onto paper for cards, whatever you dream up (show me what you do! ;)Just don't use them for any commercial reasons. thanks

I just want to add that I am chilled to the bones tonight! We're having a low of 27 degrees out of nowhere! (It's been near 80 all week!) It's making me feel on edge and restless!

free witch pattern


Jess said...

Holy crap, these are so perfect!!!!!!!!!! I love them, I'll cut them tomorrow, do you want me to cut them and send them to you, or did you already do it? These turned out great, I love the spiderweb dress!

dawn said...

Gorgeous. I bought two little silhoette Halloween ornaments at a thrift store (they're new, not vintage) and I love them. I can totally see doing a whole wall of Halloween silhoettes using your little patterns. Of course, not this year because as usual I'm scrabbling right to the end with costumes, class party stuff etc. But definitely next year.

Wendy said...

Absolutely love these. Especially the witch and cat. It's different from a lot of silhouettes on the net.
Thank You x