Monday, August 20, 2007

More Halloween, if you don't mind

vintage halloween inspiration

Good sweet Dawn is really helping me out BIG TIME with coming up with assignments for The School of Craft. With only 4 weeks left (officially) of this pregnancy, I barely have time to think about blogging...between naps, nesting, back to school time, my church responsibilities, and doing the best I can at getting some crafting and photography work done. (oooh I do have things to show you!)

Anyways, Dawn came up with this great assignment:

Let's do Halloween this month. You may work in any medium but you must include a pumpkin somewhere in your design (in honor of Moki and the cute pumpkins on her blog). The deadline for posting your work here at our Flickr clubhouse will be September 30, 2007 (I believe a month is a must in any serious deadline).

She even said there will be a prize!!!

The coolio thing to me is I "met" Dawn (and a group of other great artists) a couple years ago when Amy hosted a Halloween/jewelry swap...(right?) Can't believe how long ago that was!

So get going crafters! Join the School of Craft flickr group!

ohhhh and look at the details over on flickr for the mosaic above! Some of the pic owners have GREAT vintage collections!


Amy said...

Isn't Dawn the best? It was actually Dawn who put that swap together after I had had an EXTREMELY disappointing swap. The best, I tell you!

Raesha D said...

Thanks for the awesome inspiration! I can't wait to find the perfec tlittle pumpkin craft to make:)