Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is it too early for Halloween???

H is for Halloween

So craft stores are putting up all the holiday stuff...have you noticed? I've been everywhere this week hunting out Halloween decorations...waiting for Target to finish up the back to school thing so they can start unloading their bounty> Over at Michaels, Martha's got some new nice expensive things (you can make on your own for pennies but the packaging and such is like crack, so you know you just HAVE to buy it!) LOL!

Michaels also has black and white Halloween decor...some real neat-o stuff and I really loved the pumpkins on pedestals. But am in a money crunch right now, and definately can't JUSTIFY buying Halloween decorations in AUGUST!!! ;) So I picked up some candle holders at the thrift store for 50¢ (who btw has reorganized all their clothes by color instead of size!!!??! WHat the heck?!) and then picked up a couple of pumpkins at the dollar store (who also has Halloween going on!) cut up some fabric, pulled out the paint and hot glue turned on "The Matrix" (thanks teresa)and voila!

I'm jonesin' for halloween

Perhaps the need for autumn is being manifested because of my disgust with summer. Going through the third trimester in summer is exhausting and of course hot. You'd think I'd go swimming to cool off more, but even the idea of getting wet doesn't appeal to me. Mean while, the baby has hiccups every night about 11, sleeping on the left emphasizes the bumping, sleeping on the right causes heart burn, so I usually wander away from bed to read a book (Mermaid Chair right now) or try to do something productive (which obviously from my posts hasn't been crafting ;) The truth is, I have had a pile of photography props, and photo boxes for client orders blocking my desk, and my poor pelvis prevented me from taking a step large enough to step over it. Since the rest of the house is falling to pieces (because these late night hiccup sessions cause me to sleep in so comfortably) I just moved props and boxes to another room...a girl's gotta craft what a girl's gotta craft ;)

Only 5 more weeks left...technically...but seeing as I have never had a baby on time yet, and do things as close to all natural as pregnantly possible, I probably have something more like 6 or 7 weeks ;)


Jessica said...

Oh, it's so hard to rest there at the end...I remember that. Cute candlesticks!

theresa said...

Lovely pumpkins! I'm ready to do the trilogy now--I got all interested again while looking at clips on utube. It never gets old for me. sigh.
I sympathize with the pregger woes--soon! soon! Hang in there!

Amy said...

Ugh, the end is always miserable isn't it. Those hiccups and heartburn are there to get you ready for those 2am feedings that aren't too far off!

Those pumpkins are the cutest things ever! The little white guy is totally my favorite.

Liz said...

M, if you ever need some charming fabric, a friend of mine from Church designs his own: I saw his site for the first time and for some reason, immediately thought of you. ;)

You can read about it on my blog, too.

Raesha D said...

Those pumpkins are awesome!!! Which thrift store did you go to? By color is GOOFY!! I was so happy when Goodwill finally started sorting my size:):) See you in an hour!

dawn said...

oooo, Halloween! My favorite season of the year. Your candles are so cute. I must make a quick kid-free trip to Michael's this weekend.

Best wishes in these last few weeks!