Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dear Mr. Moki


Dear Mister,

So, a weekend at the lake with your brothers and cousin...a weekend away without any kids...without any spouses...without any cares...sounds a lot like what I have been requesting for myself ;) Nope I don't REALLY hold any resentment towards you...just jealousy. But I won't let a weekend go to waste. We hit up only one yard sale and scored a bag of scrabble pieces, mickey mouse popsicle sticks, an old golden book and a big tacky welcome sign that will soon be soemthing even better, for only $1 total!


We also went to the library. T-man is like me...he is jonesin' for the next holiday to come. Sure it's still 3 months away until Halloween, but it doesn't stop a heart from yearning and a brain from planning. So we came home with a stack of Halloween stories and project books. Also in the stack were yummy books for me, like a Baja cook book and Rick Bayless's "Mexican Everyday." Of course I started craving shrimp tacos as soon as I took them off the lunch:


was ever so yummy! Chile lime shrimp, pico de gallo, ripe avocado, and frech strawberries on the side...all chased down with cold lemonade...and none for you, you vacationing man!

(shrimp cooked in chile powder and lime juice. pico de gallo: equal amounts of yellow onion, tomato, avocado, bell pepper...and some green chile, garlic, salt and lime juice to taste served in warmed corn toritllas...mmmm I want more)

So have fun mister! Don't get a sunburn, don't get bit by mosquitos, don't get sand in your shorts, don't get in a fight with your brother and have to walk home ;)


P.S. Don't forget about the Name My Baby Contest


Raesha D said...

Sounds like you had an awesomely fun day:):):) Now we can REALLY plan a girls weekend:)

Jessica said...

Cute picture of the Scrabble pieces! And I've loved everything I've tried from the Mexican Everday cookbook...

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I know a bit crazy but I have never had a shrimp taco. I love tacos but never have tried the combination. It looks and sounds delicious. Up here in Seattle it feels like October with the weather so Halloween books sound perfect.