Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Housewife vs. the working man

So, while I'm at home, fretting over the things that need looking to, my hubs (The Admiral) has this kind of day...the guy in the black shirt is my hubs, the man who is talking to him is a well known actor in heavy make-up...did I mention I'll be changing diapers in about 4 weeks while he'll still occasionaly be brushing shoulders with celebs?


dawn said...

I folded laundry and made a pie. sigh. No celebs in sight.

Amy said...

Man, I wish I could watch things blow up mere feet away from me. Really, I'd like to be the one blowing stuff up sometimes! And, hey, changing diapers can be waaaaay more fun than hobnobbing with celebs. Yes? Probably. Of course.

Raesha D said...

Went to work....whined about my commute...Who was the celeb?? I couldn't figure out who it was.