Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the mean time

In the kids bathroom

I am waiting for some news...and waiting for a couple of other things as well (the baby and all) and feeling a little restless, hence the second post today.

Last month I got to cracking a little on some home decor things I wanted to do, this is one of them. I've had the post cards around for a couple of years and realized they really matched the kiddos bathroom. The van was a recent gift from a friend that is always worrying about me. She's an all natural birth mom too, and we've been joking about having our babies this year in my van...someone told me VW gives your baby a scholarship if you do that...but I haven't found anything on it...Don't really want to clean up the mess anyways! LOL


Liz said...

Fantastic idea with the postcards and that VW van is fabulous!!

Raesha D said...

Super cute!!

Regina said...

Very cute! Love, Love, Love the VW van!

Dallas said...

Hehe, I'll have to keep that in mind about the scholarship for when I have kids some day. I've got a 1971 VW Bus. My husband proposed to me in it and we left our wedding in it...I guess a baby in it makes sense. :)