Monday, August 27, 2007

tired and finally sleepy


Internal monologue is finally wrapping up. I'm craving some red vine licorice! Thinking I should have been packing my hospital bag tonight intead of playing around on the internet. The night was cloudy with a chilled breeze, much like autumn's nights. I'm reading a book of fabulous birthing stories and worried that all the positve experiences will cause me to accidentally induce my own labor. I will be so tired tomorrow. Even with all the housework the kids helped me with last week, the house is still a disaster. And this isn't even half of it...the monologue is much more eloquent and poor eyes and fingers just don't have the strength to type out it's prose!

P.S. It is officially Jess's B'day! Go wish her a happy day!


jess said...

I can't believe you posted this at 2:30 in the morning! You poor thing, I hope you get a nap today. BTW, thanks for the shout out!

Amy said...

try to take it easy. is there a massage school in your area? if there is you should see about getting a pregnant lady massage on the cheap! I did it once when I was carrying Caleb (not time to do it with Molly) and it was WONDERFUL! the house will get back to normal eventually!