Friday, July 13, 2007

Psuedo vacation update

psuedo vacation update

Hubs was asked to stick around the whole weekend for some extra training! So we'll be extending our stay ;) I'll still pop back home to take care of our dogs and all that, but so far we've been enjoying our little break. We finally tried the cajun place Raesha has been telling me about...mmmm good. We played in the pool, B slipped in and took a "swim" before I ran over and rescued her...and she still isn't afraid!!! We watched t.v. real late and I slept in a whole hour and 15 minutes!!! LOL! Why do they always wake up at the same time???

So tonight we'll head back over for a free dinner and movie thanks to the boss man, sleep in a king sized bed, eat a yummy buffet breakfast (all for I sound like I am bragging?) I'm just so happy this little wish for a mini vacation became a wish: $1,000,000!!! Talk to you all soon! Hope you find a mini break in your weekend!


Raesha D said...

Aaahhhh Cajun Kitchen - YUM!!!! Was I right, or was I right?:):) Have a fun weekend. Will you be skipping church? I just got suckered into giving the Gospel Doctrine lesson:)

Joy Madison said...

God knows just what you need at just the right time doesn't he? YAY for vacations in whatever form you find them in:)

jess said...

I love the blues of this picture! I'm glad you were able to catch a break, especially before the bebe comes!