Monday, March 26, 2007

What is a good neighbor?

For my new blog

If you're coming over from my old blog you know a little bit about me. How, I have too many hobbies, would rather create than clean, and I love to share. You also know that I LOVE to fill my life with art, books, and friends that enrich my life.

When I stopped blogging over there, it was because I had recently found out I was pregnant and felt overwhelmed by our life changes and my upcoming busy season as a photographer (and maybe student) But as the first trimester ended and I began to catch up on everything I neglected, I felt I had neglected one of my favorite things...creating arts and crafts and sharing them with my readers and friends!

The need to craft, bake, and share was becoming as bad as my pregnancy cravings for fruit smoothies! And blogging fills a need for community I have. I LOVE getting comments and emails from my online friends and participating in great swaps! It's as if we are all virtual neighbors, swapping recipes and making baby gifts! I miss the community.

So I am back. Thanks for coming over!


deb said...

I missed you. :) Welcome back and can't wait to see what you create!

theresa said...

yay! Glad to have you back--and if you had to shed a skin to do it--well, I completely understand THAT.

Amy said...

It's that crazy first trimester...the brain drain phase...gets us everytime. I love your photography, but I love your crafty goodness too! Glad to have both sides of Moki back now!!

Now, I'm going to go waddle down the stairs and see what else I can stuff into my TOO pregnant for words face :).

Raesha D said...

Yes my dear, welcome back. I have missed your blog so much!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Ali said...

Ooh - you're back. I'm so happy.

dragonflydreamer said...

I am new to the blogging community, but I found you when I signed up to do a notecard swap. I really like the collages I saw on your blog and so even though I am a newbie, I would like to say "Welcome Back!"