Sunday, October 21, 2007



It's so windy today, something that is pretty typical for a New Mexican Autumn. It's funny how the wind gusts through the trees really sound like crashing waves at a beach!

I've had scoop neck jackets on the brain since I saw this one on flickr and then saw this Anthropologie jacket and used the peter pan tutorial I posted about previously and got such a fun jacket! I did messs up when I made the pattern, making the neck too high. So when I made my collar pattern it was too small, but I didn't realize it until I had completely made the collar and had no more fabric left. After trimming down the neck on the bodice, I just attached the colar where it would fit and it ended up like this...which I think did end up looking mighty nifty!


est said...

it's beautiful!! even with the wee collars!!

jess said...

I love this jacket! I just got done making a sling for someone with the same material you used for the lining, great minds think alike.

Regina said...

Great Jacket. It really did turn out to be very nifty!

dawn said...

I love this jacket!