Friday, November 30, 2007

ack! Tomorrow is the first!

Teacher Gifts
It was the last day of school for my year rounder children and the last day at their year round school. We'll most likely be switching them back to the regular district school after Christmas break...just not working out. But I did put together some yummy candy for their teachers (along with gift certificates for a free session and family photo.)

Tomorrow is the first! I will have my last scheduled photo session and hopefully wrap up all loose ends before the first week of Dec. is over. It has been a busy month for me as far as my photography goes!

I hope to have a productive, relaxed, fun, enriching month before Christmas gets here...maybe even get some more blogging in ;)


Raesha D said...

I know!! I'm freaking out....luckily I am almost done with shopping. I'm going to Miss S's school's craft fair today to hopefully get the last few things. Then it's on to wrapping and shipping!

jess said...

Hey long lost friend, I'm glad to see you're busy and productive. I'm sorry your school is not working out for you! I'm struggling with whether or not to switch C to the school down the street. Happy December!

Morgan said...

Those little gifts are simply adorable!!