Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Piratey

My new (temporary) tat!

I just feel like walking around saying "ARGH!" all day!!! I can't explain it, this over all sense of aggravation (at nothing). I could try to explain it but it would either sound foolish or reveal a bit too much to you all LOL...I mean ARGH!!!

I'll be ok, I'm not in a bad mood really, just finish this pirate analogy...feeling a bit too tossed by the sea and far from my harbor. My remedy? A wee trip to the gym, which I never do, usually it's a 40 min run/walk around my neighborhood track, but tonight I need something a bit more strenuous. And some Friday night pizza, and maybe some Captain Jack Sparrow for good measure.

(temporary tattoo from a book of 500 tattoos we got at target for $3 in the crayola isle...Raesha if you want 'em you'll have to go to RR. M's store didn't have them ;)

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Raesha D said...

OOOHH I love temporary tattoos. We'll have to check them out at Target. I'm in a GGRRRR mood....which I think it just about similar to your ARGH mood...see you tomorrow night. I'm having a garage sale in the morning if you feel like coming by.