Monday, September 8, 2008

yes another one

10 things about me

Hopefully you read this blog even if I am not crafting. I am working on photo biz stuff and every once inawhile take a break to do something random like this. Read it, laugh and go do something like it yourself.

10 things about me, I am not really narcissistic.

1. ok maybe I am a little narcissistic. I am fortunate to have people around me that like me and let me know, it's quite an ego booster when you take it to heart (tip: take compliments to heart)
2. chile picante corn nuts and red vines licorice are prime staples for any road trip...I know!
3. I tend to listen to the same music over and over again until I am tired of it, then it becomes nostalgic
4. I'm considering getting a pilots license so I can go see far away friends whenever I want, but...I am a paranoid girl
5. I think I would like to own finches someday. I love the chirp they make.
6. I think my baby looks like Chevy Chase back in the "Fletch"'s her hair. It makes for weird nursing moments
7. I indulged in a secret junior banana split from Sonic this week
8. I didn't shower (yet?) today...what do you care?! ;)
9. One of my most memorable and favorite outfits was a pair of white capris and a flourescent pink shirt (1985?)
10. Favorite thing that happened today was miss B running around with an old cel taking pictures of barbies, shoes, me and the baby

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Frizz said...

I like your portraits - nice skin!