Saturday, November 3, 2007

50 Days to a Happier Christmas

BRIGHT Christmas
Don't you wish that was a book on your shelf?! I do!!!

My house is a complete mess and I tell you, working (hours of sessions, editing, orders, ect.) are not helping me one bit! My list is huge: cleaning, decluttering, things to make.

In just a couple of days, there will only be 50 days left before the big day. I'm going to do somethign aout it!


jess said...

Only 50?! I'm in trouble, there's just never enough time. What are you making this year?

dawn said...

Please don't tell me that. I'm so determined to do handmade this year. And I have to have all my gift buying/making done by the end of November so it can get in the mail to Canada. I should have already put my nephews' gifts in the mail to Hong Kong. shudder. I'm behind already.

joleen said...

Ditto. :)

theresa said...

Halloween was a shambles so I'm definately jumping on the Christmas Band Wagon early! I'm with ya!