Monday, March 24, 2008

I crafted! I crafted! I crafted!

I actually crafted something today
just so you know I feel like such a traitor! I never thought I would abandon crafting art the way I have. Now I get so busy with photography that I even lose track of the crafting I want to do...unless it is photography related...which I had hoped this hat would a great prop hat.

It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped but I'm still in awe that I actually crafted and actually made it myself. I'm sure some of you are shocked to see a post and maybe even more shocked to learn I couldn't crochet a beanie!!!

If you are like me and need some beanie crochet love, here's a video tutorial on how to do it:

Part 2 and the brim.


Raesha D said...

I love it!! Did I already tell you that?? It would look awesome in dark pink on C Bug - Did I leave this same comment on your flickr photo of this?? I swear I've said this before or maybe I'm really losing my mind:)

Monkey Pants said...

very cute and well done! i always wanted to learn to crochet...need someone to acutally show me, thanks for the video!

Hurrayic said...

Good for you! Yeah! But I don't know what's cuter: your little red-head or that beanie. Thanks for the video.

jess said...

I want one for me, that's fantastic!

kami said...

I LOVE those hats! What a cutie,too!

I know you're a busy mom, but I'm inviting lots of crafters and if you have a few minutes, that's awesome. If not, that's ok--I know how it is having a new baby in the house! I'm doing a paper on indie crafters and need people to answer my survey. It's posted on my blog for anyone who wants to fill it out. Thanks so much! (sorry to ask in the comment section, I don't really know where else to invite people.)

jenae nae said...

hey there woman- I found your blog through trisdan- how are you? Your baby is so cute- wow it has been a long time!
hope you are well...your blog and photos look great!
see ya'

Anonymous said...
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