Sunday, May 25, 2008

Serendipity, the powers of the cosmos, and what Sunday means to me

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At church today, the lesson was on one of the most wonderful conference talks I have ever heard on the topic of mothers. You can read it here Even if you aren't LDS, it's very universal and extremely relevant to solving the problems many families face today.

What I love most about this particular talk is that Elder Ballard isn't lecturing women, he's empathizing with them. He seems to commend us mamas for the hard work we so often put into motherhood and our efforts to keep a happy home.

And obviously for those of you that know me, finding my happy balance is not an easy thing. Living my creative life while raising 4 very boisterous and excited-about-life children is a wonderful thing, but often so many other things seem neglected and fall by the wayside. But it's the last thing Elder Ballard suggests women can do to reduce the pressure and enjoy your family more that impresses me most. He says.
"...pray, study, and teach the gospel. Pray deeply about your children and about your role as a mother. Parents can offer a unique and wonderful kind of prayer because they are praying to the Eternal Parent of us all. There is great power in a prayer that essentially says, “We are steward-parents over Thy children, Father; please help us to raise them as Thou wouldst want them raised.”

Special and kind words to consider when those moments of frustration arise.

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theresa said...

Ah, MOtherhood--ah balance--ah serendipity, ah the cosmos....ah, what a beautiful photo.

Just saying hello--and thought you might like to know I'm a total flake--I'm back...bells, whistles and all.
Happy Sunday!