Friday, May 30, 2008

Your mama's so phat...

For you LDS readers, I absolutely, 100%, with no doubt, hated this talk with all my heart when I heard it. I'm just that way...if a Utah mormon even begins to go on and on about what mothers should be doing or how a mother's life should be, I cringe and shut down all spirit receptors. But I'm trying, I'm trying really hard to love this talk. Because in it's simplest form, I know it to be true. So in my efforts to open the receptors back up:

Mothers who know bear children

everyday a blank canvas I actually crafted something today everyday a blank canvas e

Mothers Who Know Honor Sacred Ordinances and Covenants

<some cliche title

Mothers Who Know Are Nurturers, Leaders, Teachers, and Do Less(things away from their family)

Here's my list:

This summer

Read my scriptures more often and with the kids 2. go to the temple more often 3. Teach C-bug to embroider 4. Make and play our pirate game a lot!!! 5. Ride our bikes alot!!! 6. grow things 7. make a tipi 8. Teach c-bug to sew 9. Read often 10. Take trips in my van no matter what the price of gas is 11. Host my tiki birthday party 12. Live greener by eating from our garden, buying organic, and eating even less meat 13. Value our home by cleaning it well and often 14. Go to the beach 15. take loads of picture 16. Get the kids into rock climbing and take it up again myself

Just have to remind myself that a done list does not necessarily make a happy family.

Mothers Who Know Stand Strong and Immovable

Working on this :)

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jess said...

you're hilarious, I totally posted that talk on mothers day, copy cat! I agree with you though, I hated it when I first heard it and then the more I thought about it, the more I loved it. I'm glad you're bloggin again! Myhusbands schedule goes back to normal starting tomorrow, so I'll call you. Thanks for being there for me.