Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lonely Deer (lonely, dear?) WIP

The lonely dear deer

It's punny that I am posting this tonight. As I am the queen of puns, analogies, symbolism and such here in my home (or is it only in my own mind?)

I've had this deer for quite awhile. I've had an idea, a vision, for the wonderfully crafty cutenss I want for this deer. The list to finish this has been (in some sort of order):
1. Buy jar of some sort for deer's containment
2. Buy cozy moss for which deer can stand upon
3. Make/find/buy objects to put in with deer to create the most awesome environment.

Well the first 2 are finally checked off the list. And I thought I was on the right track but now the dear deer stands alone, except when jostled by the children and the deer topples over sideways or on it's back legs and everyone gets a good laugh about how easily the deer can tip over and stand so funny. And it IS another craft project that isn't yet finished. so eventually my hubs will comment about it. I'm sure he'll question why there is a stupid plastic deer with fake moss in a fish bowl sitting on the entry table months and months later...Of course WE all know why there's a deer in the bowl, don't we? But sometimes those guys just don't get it.

The long answer to such taunting and questioning might be: Because it makes me smile, because it reminds me of an old fairy tale I once read, and there were lovely red mushrooms in the pictures with a spotted fawn in the background,and little wood nymphs poking about, and I wanted nothing more than to be that princess in the story, with a life filled with magic and mystery, and a big delicious happy ending.

So I might just say "It makes me smile."

Maybe one day, he won't notice it there, it will become common place, but it wil still be my little deer, and then maybe one day, he'll bump the table and the bowl will crash to the floor and he might say, "OH! I am soooo sorry! That was your little deer that you loved so much!" Or maybe he will just say "It's just a stupid deer!"

But it is your deer, and my dear, things that are precious to us, don't always measure the same in someone elses eyes, which doesn't mean it's not important or less important. It means it's different. Always different. From one day to the next. But most important is to love yourself despite who loves you. And to value yourself, even when you are a lonely dear.

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Amy said...

Lonely deer or not, she is certainly lovely, even just standing about the moss. You make some good points and at a good time's always nice to get a timely reminder out of the blue :).