Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mid afternoon snack

I bought these baby mozzerella balls with the intention of having them for lunch. But my awesome mom made us turkey and salami hardroll sandwiches that we ate in her garden. (aka backyard but really it is a beautiful garden)

So when the hunger bug came around this afternoon I threw my salad together.
baby mozzeralla
grape tomatoes
a pinch of salt
drizzle of olive oil (organic for an awesome price @ Sam's club)
a sprinkle of balsamic vineagar

Before they were in the salad, the kids wouldn't touch them, not enough salt I think. Once they were in the salad they wouldn't leave me alone.

Other possible cold salad combos:
Chicken sausage (asiago and spinach) + roasted tomatoes + mushrooms + basil + fresh spinach

Chick peas + curry powder + red bell pepper + tomatoes + olive oil + home made croutons

fried tofu + peanuts + red bell pepper + red pepper flakes + bean sprouts + sprinkle of vinegar + sprinkle of raw sugar

Shrimp + avocado + tomatoes + cilantro + fresh lime juice + a drizzle of honey (mmmmm that one is next!)

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