Monday, June 2, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea (and midnight snack)

lovely green cookbook

Yes I am up kind of late. Partly because a friend of mine is chatting with me about her bebe who is sick. We're kind of waiting to see if her fever goes down. The other part is because hubs was watching a movie and made me a bowl of chili! mmmm He even topped it with 2 kinds of cheese. Don't get all jealous though! He's a lovely guy, but I don't get this kind of service often. (He's really watching a PBS show about a girl and her dad that went back to Cambodia decades after leaving and I asked for the chili, just surprised it came in such a nice bowl with cheese on top!)

This week my C-bug goes off to girls camp!!! 12!!! I don't feel that old, wait, I'm not!

vintage cookbookWith her gone, I'll have to do a little bit more mommy-entertaining, so I think this might be a good week to teach T-bone to cook. I think we'll use this book by the very young Sam Stern! Simple recipes in large type. He's going to be so excited! We might try some even simpler ones from his vintage BH&G book I gave him for his 4th bday when he first expressed interest in cooking. (But I think I need to buy this cute book! p.s. sorry it's uk is after midnight here.)

Oh and that book above, story behind that one. I would not have even pulled it from the shelf had it not been green, and then I wouldn't have seen all the yummy pics inside. I'm a bit of a stickler when it somes to cookbooks. There's really only one thing they must have for me to even consider bringing them into my kitchen. They must have pictures of the recipes prepared! It bugs me to no end when I pick out a cookbook, maybe titled "Robust Sauces From Robust Women" and find no photos of the food! Even more irritating is when the publishers have spent money on photos of foreign countries and scenery but none of the food! I don't get it! It's like buying a book on quilting and having only pictures of cotton fields and bobbin making factories!!! Ridiculous!

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