Thursday, May 29, 2008

Snow White and the power of love

Seven Dwarves Cottage
This is my little seven dwarves cottage in my garden. I was lucky to find the dwarf rosemary and trim it bonsai style to make the cutest twisting evergreen. Today I added the picket fence and a few feet away we placed a castle we found at the thrift store. Maybe I'll show that one later as it develops. Did you know that Disney's Snow White was their first animated film that contained people in it? The animators apparently struggled with life like cartoon characters and that may be one reason why the prince is not in the film much....little bit of random trivia. Funny how briefly he was in her life, and yet....;)

Last night we had a service auction for our ladies group. We do it every year and it's always loads of fun. But no money is involved. To be able to have something to use to bid, we fill out a paper that asks if you have done certain things, like reading your scriptures that day, and then you get points based on your answer. One of the things you could get points for was telling someone you love them. Women there were spreading those words throughout the gym, yes to get the ponts, but those words rang true for so many I am sure. It got me to thinking about how many times I have said those words this week, even whispering them as I fell asleep to dear friends far away.

How I wish I could say those words more often and to those who need to hear it. I think it is so much easier to fall into the negativity in the world, we might not flinch to even think an ill thought towards someone, but cringe at the idea of conveying appreciation, thoughfulness, and adoration. A little humility people! A wee bit vulnerability with our emotions, really can not do much harm. Because love is not about what you get out of it, but about what you are giving. And for gentle hearts and even tough burly ones, love is a healer, a companion, nourishment, in it's simplest truest form.

So today, for you, don't flich, don't blink, maybe I know you, maybe I don't, maybe we are new friends, maybe old soulmates, hear my words. I love you.


jess said...

I love you, my sweet friend!

theresa said...

Well, that is just too sweet.
I'm blushing really.
I wuv U2