Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Was supposed to be

we had our pictures taken

Tomorrow is my 15th anniversary. We were supposed to be leaving on a plane to go on our first ever trip without the kids. But alas, did I mention the story of the broken down van?

Anyway, our day will come. Now I need to focus on working (one cute photo session tomorrow and possibly a last minute shindig to photograph.) And there is so much to do before Christmas, heck! before Thanksgiving.

Some things I want to get done soon:

Strawberry Kalaches

Kolaches in my future? Not unless I share them with friends. Wonder what apple would be like? or PUMPKIN BUTTER???!

Buy new typewriter tape. maybe I'll let my kids type up messages to santa? or maybe I'll just type in secret...after they are asleep...and not tell them the thing works again...

thrift find

I'll finish this after thanksgiving. I think I will make it a family gift to my family.

making a quilt

And clean the office so more moments like this can happen

B and the Lite Brite

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