Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ian is one of my dear friend Raesha's good looking brothers ;) We've never met in person but I think if we did, we'd be bestest friends. Ha ha... that is if I could keep up with him and I'd have to clear it with his cute wife (oh and of course my husband.) Ok so here's the deal...Ian is stationed in Iraq and he takes tons of pictures of what is going on around him! Sure, some of them are of celebs on the USO tour, and some are of his buddies hanging around in camo, (that's him on the left)

but he also takes a ton of pictures of things going on with the Iraqi people. Meetings, humanitarian activities, kids playing, healing, smiling. I love watching his flickr stream for new pictures. I look at these images and think National Geographic...really I do Ian. They are beautiful!


Raesha D said...

He is so utterly amazing and there's days when I just think "WOW" this uber cool amazing kind caring loving handsome guy is MY brother:):) I'm so blessed:) I can't wait to get them out here to meet you in person:)

Amy said...

I love it when people find time to post something good coming from Iraq. I especially love when it comes from one of our soldiers. These are some great photos and now I'm off to add him as a contact!

iAN said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Moki. (You, too, sis :D)

As much as it stinks being away from home, my absolute favorite thing to do in Iraq is capture *happy* people on film.


dawn said...

Gorgeous photos. Ian is such a cool guy. He really should put those photos together in a zine or book when he gets home.

vintagechica said...

Oh, these are wonderful. I keep trying to convince my husband to take a camera with him next deployment.

The people really are beautiful.