Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Since the office got cleaned out, Miss B and I have taken to having our lunch at the desk. The new desk is sort of "C" shaped...a long section underneath the cabinets wraps around to the computer area and then the final section is an extended table.

B pulls up a chair and eats there. After she's done she'll either rifle through the new scrap drawer (a special place for misprinted copies, wrinkled paper, and scraps) or pull out the new "Lite Brite" I found at the thrift store yesterday. Miss E usually follows us or takes a nap.

B and the Lite Brite B and the lite brite

I've been very busy. Working on sessions and other photography related work and a new blog coming along as well... yawn ;)


carin davis said...

mmmm...nice lunch...AND THE LITE BRITE!!!! What a find!!! My girls would LOVE it!!!

iAN said...

I would totally love to find a Lite Brite for the kids! And I'll take a fresh avocado for myself, too, thanks :]