Friday, February 20, 2009

An Avocado Baby

avocado baby

Even with our warmish winters, we can't grow avocados in New Mexico. Do you know where they do grow? Well, I mean where they grow well enough to bear fruit? That's right, California (thinking of renaming my blog "I wish I was in California") Did you know that "In the past, the avocado had a well-entrenched reputation for inducing sexual prowess and wasn't purchased or consumed by any person wishing to protect their image from slanderous assault(?) Growers had to sponsor a public relations campaign to dispel the ill-founded reputation before avocados became popular."(

Well they dont make me feel like a sexy cougar (cub) but I sure love them. I found one that was most delish today and cut it up for my tortilla soup. I cleaned off the beautiful seed and put it in this carafe I found especially for it. I had it on my "thrift list" to find a skinny necked carafe to accommodate a young avocado sapling. Wasn't sure I'd find one and was so happy I did.

When I was in kindergarten, with my mom's help, I grew avocados seeds for my science fair project. We lived in ALASKA at the time. I like to think my mom, only 3 years gone from her sunny California home, maybe craved a bit of the warm beaches and fresh green fruit and thats why she decided on avocados for my project. I like to imagine that I'll go there to live again some day. Find a reasonable home in a convenient to anywhere location, a smallish yard, big enough for one lemon tree, a small garden and my avocado baby.

In other thrifted news... I found this hand embroidered AND hand quilted(!!!) toddler size quilt. For a family in LOVE with Disney (and a hubs with a soft spot for pooh because his momma loved it so much)I was really hoping it was in my budget. I think $3 is a reasonable price!!!!! Can you believe it? spotless, flawless, and hand made and so cheap?! Especially when some crappy finds are going for big bucks!!! All better for me ;)



leaca said...

I love avocados too. They are so expensive here--all produce is. You should start a group and name it " I wished I lived in California" I think it would be a hit!

Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

I grew up in San Diego on 2 acres, most of which was an avocado orchard. There is something so nourishing yet so decadent about a ripe avocado. Good luck with your shiny new seed :)

(in CA, but too high up in the mountains to grow avocados...)

Viki said...

I can remember starting an avocado tree from the seed many times as a child. Having an avocado in KY was a special treat, believe me.(I grew up in the 60's)

I also remember starting the seed for my oldest daughter too, just too watch.
Later we used a walnut to sprout for science class.