Friday, May 11, 2007

1 apple up on top


I'm not sure what it is... I just want NEW maternity clothes...not my old stuff, not my sisters' hand me downs...something all me and all new.

This is the third shirt and coordinating piece of jewelry I made this week. I've been having green apple images on the brain. Would love to get a temporary tattoo of 3 green apples on my arm...I know...crazy.

I'm out of knit now, so next week will be a bigger challenge for making tops.


Amy said...

I'm so impressed with these tops and necklaces you're making! That brown is a great color for you too. I'm hoping to actually get some work done myself in the next couple days...wish me luck! You look WONDERFUL in this photo, btw.

Amanda said...

I remember that phase, tired of all the old clothes, just wanting something new. This is such a beautiful combo, the top and necklace!

jenny vorwaller said...

you are so cute with all this jewelry and craftiness!! :D