Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lucky Me

Lucky #7

I did not have a good day...not a bad day, just not a good day...just a bit of a pregnancy blood sugar crash, some church needs that came up that are big, just exhausted me.

However I had bunko to look forward to. I feel like a traitor, because it's not MY game group, in fact it's a group of "them," "you-know-who's" or "those girls." ;)So I thought "muhahaha!, I'm infiltrating 'the group.' I'm gonna hit 'em low and hit 'em hard! They won't even see it coming!"

So I picked up these "lucky 7" charms that I actually made for no reason at all, constructed a quick necklace and long story short, I ended up with the highest score, the highest bunkos, AND traveler!!! Muhahaha! ;) I promised not to wear my necklace next time I play with them. But I'll have it in my pocket! ;)


amanda bel said...

Hi there! LOVE the necklace....hope you're feeling a bit better today! You have the best excuse in the world to realax.....take full advantage!

Raesha D said...

You go!!! Shake that group up a little....they're too stuffy sometimes:):)

Amanda said...

It's so nice when the universe gives you little moments of fun and happiness on an otherwise bad day. Yay!

deb said...

lucky lucky you! and love that necklace!