Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Better than Candy?

better than candy?

After a morning taking pics of friends' kiddos at the park, while my two little ones played, and eating scrumptious blueberry bundt cake my sister made, said sister and I met our mom at a quilt store/yarn store/store with a table of beads...I was very happy to find VERY reasonably priced lampwork beads, sure probably just the generic thing you can pick up anywhere, but to just be able to pic and choose and walk away with these baubles for $1.33 (tax included.) I have grand silver charm ideas for these...maybe I'll have to reopen my etsy shop???

And for all my lovely devoted readers...my contest is proving a bit difficult...further clues, she's Scottish, adopted, and has a sound that is almost indie but played on main stream radio stations...really vague, I know...

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jess said...

Is is the KT Tunstale? Suddenly I see. I know I'm right.