Monday, May 21, 2007



Less is sometimes better than more, but s'more is always better than everything else...

I'll just sum up real quick that my weekend was mostly not good, with a very fun dinner one night, and that today followed suit of being really not good with a bunch of good mixed in...I just want a break! LOL!

My day of goodness and it's evil conterparts;

Decided to declutter my counter:::had to stop before I finished to pick up "sick" C-bug from school
Cleaned off fridge and front of cabinets:::someone sprayed shaving cream all over the bathroom counter and cabinet
Made a healthy yummy dinner:::B threw 2 handfuls of uncooked rice all over the kitchen
Made s'mores for everyone:::stepped in something blue and sticky on the previously cleaned kitchen floor

Sooooo I made myself 2 extra s'mores...I feel better :)


Raesha D said...

Oh man!! I'm sorry about the evil counterparts...that sucks! But I am so excited to here you are getting countertops for your birthday!!

Amanda said...

Wow, all that cleaning and decluttering! Even if it wasn't finished (for a good number of reasons, it sounds like!), it's still wonderful to have made progress! Definitely deserving of 2 smores!