Monday, May 14, 2007

Ceramic Plate redo

First I saw a pic in either Blueprint or Domino with these neat-o stenciled on vintage ceramic plates...yes you too could

own one

for roughly $80! Next magazine (April's Country Home) had a great article on Danny Seo with the same kind of plates:

Danny Seo

You too could

make one

for roughly $7!!! (Ceramic oven paint from the craft store.) So of course I did:

My version


rebecca said...

That's amazing! I've always wondered about those ceramic paints. I'd love to do some projects with them. Is it safe to use them in the same oven you cook food in?

Regina said...

SooOOoooOOo coooOOOol!! Love that idea!

I'm also lovin' all the maternity tops and coordinating jewelry! Very nice. Happy mother's day to you (late) :)