Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crafting for Christmas

B and the pendants

The kids have been making scrabble tile pendants for necklaces and key chains for their aunties, grandmas, and teachers. I followed this tutorial from "Make and Takes." I let the kids use the cut out paper frame to find just the right design for each pendant. They did all the decoupaging. I did all the sanding and glazing and drilling the whole parts (I used little hanging eyelet things instead of the hard to find bails.

I still have a handful of Christmas Crafting to do... gonna find just the right movie to turn on and get some of it done tonight.

If you need some ideas here is the BEST LIST EVER!!!


dawn said...

oh Moki! I love the little tiles and am off to the craft store this morning so will look for some bails and a Scrabble tile substitute. And that list is awesome!

Viki said...

Did dawn find any Scrabble tile substitutes?
Love it!

Amy said...

Those necklaces are awesome!

disa said...
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