Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stay in a nice hotel for Christmas

just blogging about christmas


1. Sleep number beds (or other special mattress)
2. Cable (for those of us that go without, this is a big treat)
3. If you are giving the kids PJs, clothing, socks, underwear, and a toothbrush for Christmas, there is no need to pack anything!
4. Gigantic sparkly Christmas trees in the lobby
5. Housekeeping will take out the wrapping paper trash for you
6. When you are ready to leave, all of the presents go back in the big laundry baskets you brought them in with, go straight home and if you're really disciplined, straight into the bedrooms! ;)

This was our second year at the hotel for Christmas and I've decided there just is no other way to do Christmas! The regular stresses I experience at home (trash, toys everywhere, etc.) are gone and the kids and I feel like we got a special vacation!


Gretchen said...

what a great idea!

PamJorg said...

What hotel and where? Sounds tempting. We were at Grandma's house for Christmas this year and it's worse than being at home cuz I feel obligated to clean our stuff up from her house so her house isn't messy...at least at home I can procrastinate the cleaning up and no one really cares!

Happy New Year Moki!

iAN said...

What a fabulous idea! There are so many great hotel choices in Hawaii, too. Unfortunately, I've spent two of our three Hawaiian Christmases in Iraq :\