Wednesday, December 31, 2008



After living a whole year w/o a word, I looked around at my life full of both magic and mess and decided on "abundantly" for this year which will encompass the words "simplify," "order," and "creativity." So excited for my year!

My journal this year has been full of lists. Things to do, things I am grateful for, things I want to remember. When my thoughts for the new year started to be penned, I quickly realized I needed more dividers in my daily planner. This planner is my life.. though I forget it about half the time... which is true of my real life as well ;) Everything I need or want in is my planner. It's a regular three ring binder with many tabbed sections. Here's the breakdown:

-inside pocket is for coupons and handouts, newsletters, and invitations that I need to read through and put on my calendar
-Mondo Beyondo List staring at me every time I open the book!
-Monthly gratitude lists to fill in every day (I hope)
-Lists: general to do, silly things to do (add certain songs to playlist, random ingredients to buy at the mexican market that aren't an essentiel staple, etc.), Books and videos to check out, Things to teach my kids, projects I need to work on, House master to do list (major cleaning, remodeling, organizing etc)

-weekly menu
-grocery list

-one main sheet for all family, utilities, usual take out places, and kids' schools
-List specifically for friends that lists their home and cel #'s birthdays, and email
-Telephone Tree list for Mr. T's class
-Church member list (this is a major sanity saver to always have with me!)

notebook section: meNotebook section: home

-to do list
-pose ideas
-prop and clothing shopping list

-food storage
-living greener

This section is super special. It encompasses everything good I want to do this year. Teaching my children, spending time with my friends and family, giving to the community, and all the ways to do these things

-a special place for notes, scriptures, and favorite messages printed out to read and ponder

CRAFTING (of course)
-wardrobe ideas and shopping lists
-to do lists
-thrifting lists

That's it... for now...I am stoked!


jess said...

Lists are so fabulous, I like adding things to my list immediatly after I do something, just so I can feel accomplished and cross something out...

carin davis said...

this is SO smart! i love that it is one place! it could declutter my desk as well as it keeps me organized!!!

Leslie said...

I love this idea of having a "word"....I'm not a big resolution person, but I have definite hopes for this next year. Not sure what my word will be yet, but thanks for the inspiration.

Raesha D said...

OK - yours is turning out SO much cooler than mine....I'm totally copying yours (big surprise:):) PS I adore President Uchtdorf. He is awesome. Did you get my message yesterday?