Friday, December 5, 2008

Hittin' the Hard Stuff

December Daily: Hittin' the hard stuff

I am quickly realizing that a large part of Christmas, for me, is in food consumption. Certain things must be made, bought, eaten, sipped, mixed, shared. I’m sure it won’t help my figure one bit, but it sure helps with that Christmas spirit.

Food? Help with the Christmas spirit? I’m sure it’s true but it sounds rather fickle. But not so.

First there’s the nostalgia, the comfort of revisiting the past, sharing traditions with my children like using a good candy cane pierced through an orange’s skin to suck out the juice or decorating a gingerbread house.

And sharing the food. A cookie exchange, bringing sweets to the sisters I visit teach, sliding some of our goodies mom’s way in hopes that she’ll recipricate.

And of course the indulgence of the holiday. Spending a whole day shopping for others, considering their needs and wants, driving and walking all over to accomplish this. (can you see the bags under my eyes?) Nothing helps take the edge off of selfless Christmas shopping like a mug of cocoa and a peppermint stick.


jess said...

This pic is so so awesome! What did you think of how your marshmellows turned out? I bet they are so tasty in hot choc! Did you get your Christmas shopping done? I'm still not done.... I agree with you though, if you can't induldge in wonderful outrageous food this time of year when can you!?

dawn said...

egg nog. mmmm. The milk man is delivering it every week now and Miss R and I are loving it.

Viki said...

Homemade mashmellows?
I'll have to look into that.

Your pic with the pepperment stick is just so perfect after a hectic day.

carin davis said...

no plates of cookies for neighbors and friends this year...
candy cane marshmallows!!!! you're brilliant! i am going to figure that out too!!!!!! you made my day! :)

i love CHRISTMAS!!!!